Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eight basic posts for authors in understanding book publishing deals

If you're an author looking for information on your rights and obligations under publishing contracts: you might be interested in some of these posts:

  • The one (or more) steps to knowing when you're done writing under your contract:
  • Knowing whether you've delivered what you were "supposed to" (and two tips if you didn't):
  • Three issues for publishers in accepting manuscripts:
  • Four better ways to determine whether your manuscript is "finished":
  • Three facts you may not have known about e-books (and two issues they raise):
  • Three tips if your publisher says your book isn't worth paying for (and one suggestion for what to do next):
  • What kind of help is your publisher legally obligated to give:
  • Your publisher is asking for the advance back: three things not to do (and one to try):

More new content to come. This week I'll continue with tips to help you understand some of the financial terms in your contracts.


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