Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three good reasons to read Legal Minimum

You've got a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do them. Why should you follow one more blog, and especially one about law? Here's three good reasons for creatives and creators like you to make Legal Minimum a part of your day.

1. Daily tips you can use. Unless I'm sick, dead, or trapped on an airplane, you'll see new content here pretty much every day. And not abstract academic ideas or theoretical discussions (although some of those may happen in the comments). Everything you read on Legal Minimum is going to be interesting and helpful for you. If you're a creator, I'll help you do that more easily and with fewer headaches. And if you're interested in creators and the issues that affect them, you'll read about them here.

2. An experienced source. I'm the General Counsel (head lawyer) of a leading entertainment company as well as an adjunct law professor at the University of Washington where I teach... you guessed it, Entertainment Law. So I spend every day dealing with the things you'll read about on Legal Minimum.

3. Topics you're interested in. Lawyers can be deadly dull. Legal Minimum won't be. Entertainment content is being created all the time and you read about it everywhere. Legal Minimum will help you to get a new perspective on the topics you read about online, watch on TV and in the movies, and even sometimes that you see in the checkout aisle in the supermarket. If it's important (and not just if it's got a celebrity in it), you'll read about it on Legal Minimum.

There's always the mandatory weasel words to consider: what you read on Legal Minimum isn't legal advice targeted for your specific situation, and if you need special advice on your own issues you'll need to hire a lawyer for that. I won't even go there in the comments, even if you beg.

Since I'm a lawyer, and we do love to cite our sources, I'll often give links for additional content. One thing that drives me mental is that websites never cite to the original material. If you're not a lawyer you maybe won't care about that, but if you are or even if you're just interested in reading more then I'll give those links when I can so you too can read more if you want.

Oh, and why "Legal Minimum"? Because let's face it: if you're going to create content, someday you're going to get stuck dealing with lawyers. Legal Minimum will help creative people like you to have at least a minimal understanding of what they're talking about, to make you feel comfortable and keep the creative juices flowing. And hopefully because it's kind of an amusing name. I'm all about that.

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